Alternative names• ROSSO BILBAO


Finish• Polished
Material• Marble
Alternative names• ROSSO BILBAO

Slab sizes are an indicaton of the real dimensions of the slabs.

PhotoBlock numberLengthHeightThicknessStock
191721270 cm135 cm2.0 cm17 pieces
191720270 cm135 cm2.0 cm11 pieces
172085243 cm134 cm3.0 cm4 pieces
160786232 cm173 cm3.0 cm9 pieces
150079237 cm141 cm3.0 cm1 pieces
5023191 cm142 cm4.0 cm1 pieces
200179285 cm120 cm2.0 cm1 pieces
191665290 cm118 cm2.0 cm5 pieces
180822210 cm146 cm3.0 cm1 pieces
130029213 cm140 cm3.0 cm3 pieces
130026220 cm145 cm3.0 cm3 pieces
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