Natural stone has countless positive properties. The earth's cost consists largely of natural stone, so the stock is inexhaustible and each region has its own specific types. With natural stone you get a product that is unique and lively. After all, no batch of natural stone is the same. Natural stone is also the most durable and functional solution that gives your property great added value.

BMB is a world of natural stone:

Every choice for a particular material is first extensively analyzed and inspected on site by our own people. In most cases the choice is still made in the quarry, in other cases the offer is based on an already established relationship of trust with our suppliers.

 The share of natural stone has decreased due to the emergence of artificial alternatives such as composites and Neolith, but still accounts for more than 50% of BMB's turnover.

 Any application can be overcome with natural stone. Provided that it is installed correctly, maintained and used correctly, you can enjoy a beautiful beauty of nature for decades.


Quartz composite is composed of quartz granulates, resins and color pigments. A high-quality product that is mixed and bonded through a unique process into an extremely strong and stoneware material. Quartz composite excels in various facets and is often compared to diamond, nature's most durable stone. Quartz composite consists largely of natural products, but is not called natural stone. However, it is very similar to natural stone, both in colors and finishes. This makes it seen as a good alternative to natural stone. Major advantages of Quartz Composite are: stain resistant, liquid resistant, shock resistant, corrosion and moisture resistant, scratch free, acid free, diverse color range, bacteria resistant.

 BMB is the exclusive distributor of 2 producers of Quartz composite: Diresco (Belgian composite) and Technistone (Czech composite).


Diresco is a Belgian family business based in Limburg and the only Northern European manufacturer of quartz composite, which can be used without problems in any interior environment and in almost any situation.

  •  liquid-tight and stain resistant

 The surface of Diresco Stone has no pores and therefore liquids are not an enemy. Even stubborn stain removers cannot get a grip on Diresco Stone. Wine or vinegar, oil or coffee, even lemon juice, nail polish or make-up? It does not penetrate the quartz composite.


  •  dimensionally stable and shock resistant

 Life is not without a struggle, but that does not affect the quartz composite. It is therefore called a worktop and with Diresco Stone the picture is right. Quartz composite is not only dimensionally stable, it also has excellent mechanical strength. With Diresco Stone you take the measure of things.

  •  corrosion and moisture resistant

 The durable properties of Diresco Stone literally wipe the floor with corrosion or moisture. The extremely hard material can withstand the impacting force of nature of corrosion or moisture. Take the superlative of sustainability.

  •  scratch free and acid resistant

 Every kitchen is a living kitchen and every living kitchen is alive. Diresco's quartz composite forms the perfect basis for life. After all, a quartz composite worktop ensures that you enjoy every day carefree.

  •  color gamut

 The range of applications is so extensive, the color gamut is so varied. Due to the ingenious composition of quartz, resin and color pigments, the color chart is virtually unlimited.

  •  the resins of vegetable origin used are ecologically sound

 Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals in the world. Diresco's products already consisted of 93% natural quartz granulates, but now they go one step further. The Research & Development department succeeded in developing a whole new generation of quartz composite plates based on ingenious BIO-UV Technology. The resins of vegetable origin used are ecologically sound and the technical properties exceed all expectations in terms of durability, applicability and processability.

  •  enjoy your outdoor kitchen to the fullest

 The harmful influence of the sun's rays does not affect the quartz composite from Diresco. The BIO-UV Technology guarantees optimal weather resistance, making outdoor use (eg outdoor kitchens and facade cladding) perfectly possible. In addition, the extremely hard material can withstand the impact of moisture, frost and corrosion. Exceptionally good ...



Technistone is a Czech quartz composite manufacturer with more than 20 years of history. Technistone is known for the production of durable, reliable and exclusive kitchen worktops, but the technical stone also finds its way into bathroom and floor covering applications. In 1991 Technistone started in the Czech Republic with the original Breton-Stone technology for making their products.

 Technistone combines high quality raw materials with state-of-the-art mixing technologies. The end product therefore has both the creative characteristics of nature and the sustainable characteristics of modern materials.

 Technistone is a premium, compact, durable and non-porous product, consisting of carefully selected materials such as quartz and granite. This whole is completed with color pigments, glass particles, high performance polyester resins. This results in perfectly straight, flat and resistant plates in different thicknesses and finishes. Due to the easy maintenance and low absorption of the plates, it meets all hygienic requirements.

 Techistone's products are ideal for applications in private homes, commercial and industrial buildings and are suitable for kitchen worktops, bathroom tops, stairs, tiles, tables, bars, ...

 Technistone plates are resistant to: scratches, bacteria, natural juices, deep stains. They have a long life and are very durable, as well as waterproof.



Sintered Stone (high performance ceramic plates / ceramic plates) has become an indispensable part of the natural stone sector for several years now. BMB can proudly call itself the exclusive distributor of Neolith in Belgium.

 TheSize Surfaces was founded in 2009 as a young Spanish company that focuses mainly on export, with a management team that has 40 years of experience in the natural stone industry. In 2010 the first panel was launched on the market, under the brand name Neolith, as an innovative solution for the architecture and interior sector. A new material with very special characteristics, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Since then, TheSize, a pioneer and recognized expert in the sector, has managed to gain a foothold on the world market with its product Neolith as Compact Sintered Stone.

  The difference between Neolith and traditional ceramics is very clear. We just need to compare the characteristics. Traditional ceramics can certainly have a single characteristic of Neolith, but never all of the characteristic features - such as resistance to stains, chemicals and heat - that we find at Neolith all in a single product.

 It starts with the raw materials. Although these are comparable materials of comparable origin, the raw materials used in the production of Neolith are much finer and purer. This results in a more uniform product.

 In addition, unique machines are used for these raw materials, which are specially designed for the manufacture of Neolith.

 The production line is equipped with the most modern, advanced equipment and the latest technology, which ensures the high quality of the product.

 The raw materials are pressed under much higher pressure, creating a much denser material. Then the pressed material goes into the oven for 2 hours, much longer than the approximately 40 minutes baking time of traditional ceramics. These longer heating times result in a product with a stronger and non-absorbent surface.

 Both the raw materials and the production techniques are of the highest level. The result is a product like Neolith, with superior technical properties, comparable to a ceramic product, but an improved version. Neolith is therefore the perfect choice if you are looking for a maintenance-friendly ceramic kitchen worktop.

 What is Sintered Stone?
Composition: 100% natural, based on 3 groups of elements:

  1.  minerals from granite: quartz and feldspar. They give the product hardness and strength.
  2. Minerals from glass and silica: these provide the chemical stability.
  3. Natural oxides provide the coloring properties.



Marble composite is a composite material consisting of marble granules, color pigments and resins. A marble composite slab is harder than marble itself, because the composite variant is even more compact. In addition, marble composite is impact resistant, it is very hygienic and is available in different colors. Due to the even distribution of the aggregates, the plates have a very uniform appearance. Marble composite is well suited for window sills and wall coverings and comes with a good price tag. It is not acid resistant and is not suitable for outdoor applications. BMB distributes marble composites from Italy and China.



Terrazzo is known for its timeless and stylish character. This used to be used a lot in public buildings, banks and schools and then disappeared from the scene for a while. But… terrazzo is making a solid comeback!

Terrazzo (also called granito or composite stone) is a composite product based on marble granules that are bound with cement. Due to its composition, the creative freedom of terrazzo is very great and it is particularly resistant to pressure, stains and wear, weather conditions and light. Terrazzo is composite marble with 95% marble pieces that can range from large, marble powder and 5% added components such as cement and color pigments.Terrazzo is used for floors, facades, countertops, window tablets, etc.