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Are you, as a private individual, looking for the perfect batch of natural stone (marble, granite, white stone, bluestone, slate), quartz composite, Neolith for your kitchen worktop, bathroom, floor covering, wall covering, gravestones,…? Then you've come to the right place at BMB!

Within the 35,000m² of warehouses you will find more than 100,000m² of natural stone slabs, composite slabs (Belgian manufacturer Diresco and Czech manufacturer Technistone) and Neolith slabs (this is a brand of high-quality ceramic slabs and ceramic tiles by the Spanish manufacturer The Size). Thanks to our very extensive stock, we assure you that at BMB you will find the perfect party for every project that suits your taste.

In our exclusive Stonebox you can be inspired by dozens of samples, interior books, realizations of our customers and by the professional employees of BMB. You are welcome in our warehouses and showroom every working day between 8 am-5pm and Saturday between 9-11am. You can contact BMB without an appointment, either alone or with your stonemason and architect.

Our full stock can also be viewed online via our Live stock page. This way you can already make a selection at home of which types you prefer. We took photos of each batch as they are physically in our warehouse.

BMB is a wholesaler in natural stone, composite and ceramic slabs, so as a private individual you cannot purchase directly from us, only through a stonemason. If you are not yet working with a stonemason, we would be happy to put you in touch. Be very welcome!


Are you as an architect or interior architect looking for a unique Beauty of Nature to take your project to the highest level? You don't have to travel to Italy or India yourself to choose that one special batch of Calacatta or Forrest Green that your project needs. At BMB you can contact your end customer to view the most beautiful and unique batches of marble and granite in the world. We have more than 500 types of marble, granite, bluestone, white stone, slate, quartz composite, Neolith under one roof.

Invite your customer to BMB in the Stonebox yourself. This is a unique design showroom with a wide range of natural steel stone, marble, granite, composite and Neolith. The Stonebox is made from a 40ft. container and the stylish matte black decor puts the focus entirely on the samples. The glass wall overlooks a carefully selected selection of marbles and provides a feeling of space and natural light.

You can view our online stock in advance via our stock page. This way you can make a remote selection of which types best suit your project.
BMB is a wholesaler in natural stone, composite and ceramic slabs, so as an architect you cannot buy directly from us, only through a stonemason. If you are not yet cooperating with a natural stone processing company, we would be happy to put you in touch. We hope to welcome you and your customers at BMB soon!


Are you a natural stone processing company and would you like to cooperate with a reliable, flexible and high-quality supplier for your purchases of natural stone, composite plates and ceramic plates? By choosing the quality plates from BMB you can take your realizations to an even higher level ... and your end customer will notice!

BMB attaches great importance to the quality of the materials we supply to our customers. By making a careful selection of suppliers, careers and producers worldwide and checking this selection several times a year through our purchasing department, we are proud to present a huge and high-quality range of natural stone. BMB has a worldwide network of suppliers who supply both natural stone slabs and natural stone blocks. These blocks of marble and blocks of granite are then sawn into slabs of different thicknesses in our depot in Wortegem-Petegem and our sawmill in Tournai. Our machinery is equipped with the most modern sawing machines and machines for different finishes (polishing, honing, brushing, burning, ...).

Take your customer to BMB and together choose the Beauty of Nature that fits perfectly with the project. If your customer comes to make a choice alone, they will be welcomed by a BMB employee who will assist them professionally in the final choice. The chosen natural stone will probably be a masterpiece in the home for decades, so a well-thought-out choice with professional advice in an inspiring setting is very important. Afterwards, we will send all information by e-mail, so that you can get started creating the unique realization. Be sure to send us some photo and video material of the final realization. We use this on our website and social media to put your company in the spotlight.

You can choose the specific party physically in our warehouse, make the choice via our online stock or let someone from our commercial back office make the choice. As soon as your order is received, it will be scheduled for delivery by one of our own seven drivers with their own truck. This allows BMB to guarantee an express delivery within a few days. Our drivers have many years of experience in the flawless transport and delivery of natural stone, composite and Neolith slabs. You can of course always pick up your order yourself, our warehouse staff will be happy to help you.

In addition to pure natural stones such as marble, granite, bluestone, white stone and slate, BMB has also been fully responding to the great demand for artificial materials such as composite and ceramics since the beginning. Each material has its own specific characteristics and advantages. So you will find a suitable material for every application at BMB. As the exclusive distributor of Diresco (Belgian composite) and Technistone (Czech composite), BMB has an extremely strong range of composite plates in all colors, dimensions and thicknesses. BMB, as a Neolith distributor, also has a top product on offer in the fast-growing market of ceramic plates. However, don't just say ceramics to Neolith (Spanish producer The Size)! Read here why.

The customer, the product and the expertise are central to BMB. Our biggest goal is to take the realizations of our customers to the highest level by supplying qualitative and unique plates at democratic prices, so that the end customer can proudly enjoy his / her Beauty of Nature at home for decades. We look forward to welcoming you to our warehouse!