Corporate Social Responsibility

BMB takes care of matters such as sustainability & environment, health & safety and people & development. Below is some clarification about our steps in this process:

Code of Conduct
BMB uses a Code of Conduct in its purchasing process.
In this document, we commit ourselves and our suppliers to a number of important legal, ethical, environmental and social standards and values. This is an important aspect, especially with granite types from non-Western countries, as is the performance of independent audits.

TruStone IRBC initiative
BMB is a member of Febenat. On Friday 10 May 2019, all members signed the TruStone ICSR initiative in the cabinet of ex-Prime Minister Bourgeois. In recent years, various parties in the Dutch and Belgian natural stone industry have worked hard on this covenant. The sector is mapping risks in the production chain and is working with all parties that support the initiative to tackle problems such as child labor, forced labor, lack of trade union freedom and safety and health in the chain. It is the first time that parties from two countries have reached agreements together.
The objective of the TruStone Initiative is clear: the parties involved want to create transparency and stand up against violations of the environment and human rights, which may still occur in the extraction of natural stone in Asia, Africa and South America. As an individual company you can hardly influence this; as an industry in collaboration with organizations + government we are a lot stronger.

NSF and bio resin
BMB only works with composite material that is certified in accordance with the standards of the international organization NSF, so that hygiene and food safety can be guaranteed.

In our business operations we opt for environmentally friendly solutions wherever possible. A few examples:
| Water: We use rainwater for our production process, which we then recycle. | Electricity: We use green electricity.
| Gas: Our new building meets the high insulation requirements, which means that the consumption of gas is significantly reduced.
| Solar panels: The roof of our company building is filled with solar panels, making BMB almost completely self-sufficient.
| Fuel: When purchasing vehicles, emissions and fuel consumption are always decisive for us.
| Paper consumption: By using digital channels we can keep incoming and outgoing paper flows to a minimum.
| Material consumption: We are constantly trying to reduce our amount of material waste. Sludge waste from bluestone is collected free of charge to reuse for profiles.

Health, safety and training
Our company can only be successful through good, motivated employees. So we want our employees to be able to work healthily and safely, and to invest in themselves through training.