Finish• Polished
Material• Marble

Slab sizes are an indicaton of the real dimensions of the slabs.

photoMeasuring stateLengthHeightThicknessStock
200204285 cm172 cm2.0 cm55 pieces
200204285 cm172 cm3.0 cm7 pieces
200155292 cm145 cm2.0 cm16 pieces
193244210 cm120 cm2.0 cm19 pieces
192718246 cm122 cm2.0 cm19 pieces
192717293 cm84 cm2.0 cm8 pieces
192698285 cm157 cm2.0 cm33 pieces
191836298 cm145 cm2.0 cm28 pieces
191834270 cm115 cm2.0 cm10 pieces
191722285 cm133 cm2.0 cm20 pieces
191718317 cm164 cm2.0 cm17 pieces
191717302 cm164 cm2.0 cm10 pieces
191537265 cm200 cm3.0 cm2 pieces
191495230 cm170 cm2.0 cm18 pieces
191268310 cm100 cm2.0 cm18 pieces
191237280 cm164 cm3.0 cm15 pieces
191237281 cm166 cm2.0 cm12 pieces
191156290 cm170 cm2.0 cm5 pieces
191155282 cm177 cm2.0 cm17 pieces
190371306 cm170 cm2.0 cm6 pieces
183029246 cm147 cm2.0 cm17 pieces
183029242 cm180 cm3.0 cm5 pieces
183028220 cm152 cm2.0 cm29 pieces
182943300 cm157 cm2.0 cm18 pieces
182894295 cm163 cm2.0 cm8 pieces
182887242 cm198 cm2.0 cm6 pieces
182886310 cm158 cm2.0 cm12 pieces
182878286 cm104 cm2.0 cm2 pieces
182748270 cm156 cm2.0 cm13 pieces
182730253 cm120 cm2.0 cm27 pieces
182730243 cm125 cm3.0 cm15 pieces
182607270 cm122 cm2.0 cm16 pieces
182446198 cm97 cm2.0 cm14 pieces
182444306 cm190 cm2.0 cm11 pieces
182342246 cm103 cm2.0 cm9 pieces
182311252 cm170 cm2.0 cm27 pieces
182113315 cm175 cm2.0 cm1 pieces
181860207 cm165 cm2.0 cm21 pieces
180913277 cm139 cm2.0 cm8 pieces
180848212 cm177 cm2.0 cm2 pieces
180773240 cm160 cm2.0 cm7 pieces
180647275 cm167 cm2.0 cm2 pieces
180577290 cm155 cm2.0 cm6 pieces
172337206 cm135 cm2.0 cm14 pieces
172299280 cm120 cm2.0 cm6 pieces
172294220 cm160 cm2.0 cm9 pieces
172294242 cm160 cm3.0 cm4 pieces
172255256 cm103 cm2.0 cm4 pieces
172255264 cm127 cm3.0 cm3 pieces
172250272 cm138 cm2.0 cm14 pieces
171655195 cm122 cm2.0 cm13 pieces
171535157 cm148 cm2.0 cm10 pieces
171390190 cm180 cm2.0 cm5 pieces
170583296 cm134 cm2.0 cm5 pieces
170582291 cm105 cm2.0 cm1 pieces
170582187 cm138 cm3.0 cm1 pieces
161517216 cm115 cm2.0 cm19 pieces
161507250 cm125 cm2.0 cm4 pieces
161506180 cm91 cm2.0 cm6 pieces
201116223 cm180 cm2.0 cm60 pieces
201115190 cm190 cm2.0 cm22 pieces
200571320 cm122 cm2.0 cm13 pieces
200535235 cm165 cm2.0 cm3 pieces
200424283 cm165 cm3.0 cm1 pieces
200205220 cm132 cm2.0 cm10 pieces
200188235 cm196 cm2.0 cm1 pieces
200154208 cm134 cm2.0 cm11 pieces
200056284 cm165 cm3.0 cm5 pieces
192823223 cm150 cm2.0 cm36 pieces
192590300 cm160 cm2.0 cm16 pieces
192513190 cm165 cm2.0 cm13 pieces
192396200 cm100 cm2.0 cm1 pieces
192100150 cm120 cm2.0 cm3 pieces
191856240 cm150 cm2.0 cm1 pieces
191785140 cm110 cm2.0 cm1 pieces
191784230 cm150 cm2.0 cm2 pieces
191663170 cm145 cm2.0 cm4 pieces
191635285 cm170 cm2.0 cm2 pieces
191634240 cm198 cm2.0 cm1 pieces
191556186 cm123 cm2.0 cm20 pieces
191189240 cm200 cm2.0 cm3 pieces
190617191 cm176 cm2.0 cm16 pieces
183022267 cm145 cm2.0 cm5 pieces
182954225 cm173 cm3.0 cm1 pieces
182872238 cm166 cm3.0 cm1 pieces
182731300 cm135 cm2.0 cm32 pieces
182590230 cm135 cm2.0 cm30 pieces
182262124 cm76 cm3.0 cm4 pieces
182023317 cm117 cm2.0 cm5 pieces
181148175 cm135 cm2.0 cm15 pieces
180761267 cm135 cm2.0 cm8 pieces
180747298 cm184 cm2.0 cm12 pieces
171279302 cm133 cm3.0 cm1 pieces
162139151 cm145 cm2.0 cm2 pieces
161512171 cm186 cm3.0 cm1 pieces
150632216 cm77 cm2.0 cm1 pieces
140508150 cm140 cm2.0 cm3 pieces
140507261 cm146 cm3.0 cm10 pieces