Finish• rough
Material• Slate
Country• Brazil

Slab sizes are an indicaton of the real dimensions of the slabs.

PhotoBlock numberLengthHeightThicknessOpen bookStock
90071213 cm102 cm2.0 cmNee9 pieces
60065215 cm135 cm3.0 cmNee8 pieces
5098217 cm137 cm2.0 cmNee17 pieces
5096218 cm136 cm2.0 cmNee11 pieces
5095215 cm135 cm3.0 cmNee17 pieces
5093217 cm137 cm2.0 cmNee7 pieces
5092217 cm137 cm2.0 cmNee14 pieces
5091217 cm137 cm2.0 cmNee10 pieces
5090211 cm134 cm2.0 cmNee14 pieces
5089211 cm134 cm2.0 cmNee14 pieces
30027218 cm137 cm3.0 cmNee3 pieces
162076215 cm126 cm2.0 cmNee1 pieces
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