Quartzite is one of the most versatile natural stones and is gaining popularity for its durability, unique patterns and vibrant color spectrum. It is actually the perfect type of stone for use in e.g. the kitchen and/or bathroom: beautiful in a classic way like marble, but hard and almost indestructible like granite.

Quartzite is often mistaken for a type of marble, but it is distinctly different in structure. The properties of quartzite are actually superior to those of marble. These properties mean that when choosing a material for a kitchen worktop or wall finish, quartzite is a perfect alternative to marble.

A quartzite (or quartzite) is a rock that mainly consists of the mineral quartz. Quartzite originated from quartz sand that was initially compressed into sandstone. The individual grains of sand can still be found in sandstone. Sandstone is then further hardened by time, pressure and temperature or by the deposition of a binding pebble, after which the individual sand grains are no longer visible. The name quartzite alone is not enough to classify a rock, because it really only says something about the mineral composition.